Friday, September 7, 2018

Collection of photos from the trip to Japan.

Here, I would like to show you some more photos I took in Shibuya and Osaka.

Incide the funky Nepalese (I am not sure if it was the Nepalese cuisine that we ate but the owner and the chefs were Nepalese.) restaurant we dined in on the third night.


Those guys in the photo below must have really been enjoying riding the go-karts in their costume.

Yes. Novelty item is popular in Japan.

Himonya Park. There's this sign telling you not to fish in the pond, but there always are some naughty boys who dare to break the rules.

I thought those guys were girls who looked like boys, but it was the other way around.

Osaka has a reputation of having a big live band scene.
There is a place called American Village where locals fondly call "Ame-mura", it's not like you see many Americans walking pass, actually there was none...but there were many band venues for certain.
In Melbourne not many people are willing to pay for the live band venues, even when the door charge is under $10, but the average door charge including one free drink costs $26 - $35 in Osaka.
Yet, there are many people who chase around their favourite local bands by saving up their pocket money.

The one we checked out was one of the three venues in the same building called Clapper.

There are a couple of good bands there. One is called Dicentra

Here's another band called Ninth Call.

NINthCALL 1st Single "Drug Addiction" Trailer

The song title is a bit of a cliche and I don't like it, but they were awesome in live.

If you're interested in live bands, there are more venues around the area.
BigCat, Zepp, Shinsaibashi Varon are also popular.

Snap shots of average Osaka life.

Bento (Lunch Box) Stall.
Local Shrine.

Neibourhood Okonomi-yaki Shop (that also sells cheap snacks and fizzy drinks). This oba-chan (auntie) was just back from her shopping (you can see the plastic shopping bag lying in the right corner) when I went to buy one with squid in it.

and Meshi-ya (restaurant).

If you are into old trains and the history, here're some photos for you.

Osaka subway Midosuji line celebrated its 85th anniversary, and those little diecast models are the older designs of the trains. 

On the eve of leaving Osaka we headed to Osaka castle, not to go into the building but to see the surroundings. 

A primitive-style house displayed nearby.

As we walked by the moat, we heard the loud, thumping noise coming from the yard next to the main premises of Osaka Castle. We followed the noise and some other crowds heading down there as I checked on the web to see if there was any special event happening at Osaka Castle Park, and then I discovered that it was a big scale live event called "Rush Ball 2018" . 

Amongst the bands played that day was the one called Creepy Nuts. The guy in the right corner of the photo must be the massive supporter of the band.

Once the performance started, those crowds went berserk, jumping up and down, raising their fists, singing along with the bands, the energy was MAX when our favourite TETO went on stage.

 Music Clips

Jump to TETO's Music Clips.

None of the bands were actually commercially successful bands, but this one may be the next big thing. Who knows.

By the time we left the event it was getting late, after 5 pm, most of those tourists on package tour deals were gone and around the moat was quiet and tranquil.   

Walking around the moat was challenging, though. It was massive compared to the Odawara castle's that I was used to.

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