Thursday, November 17, 2011

In a mood for a melodramatic love song.

These days I increasingly dislike such a love song
Such Asian love songs that my husband mocks by singing in English
It's so annoyingly spot on
Even though he doesn't know a single word of Japanese (maybe one) or Chinese

It's one of such typical love songs
A perfect beautiful ballad
Sang by a Japanese singer who committed suicide at 26
Or maybe murdered as some rumours say.

His name was Ozaki Yutaka.
He was idolised by massive crowd of teenage kids in the 80-90s
Who questioned about social values and its contradictions
He was the voice of such young people

I'd never liked this guy's songs or remotely interested in him
Until he died

He was found lying stark naked on a street with multiple cuts, which was strange enough.
But later after he died, more than double the fatal amount of methamphetamine was found from his body.
So it was an overdose and it sounds cliche enough in Western world

However, whether it was a voluntary overdose or forced overdose was still a mystery that continues to draw our curiosity.
After this suspicious death
This song was aired on the radio and TV thousands of times

Inevitably the song stuck in my mind
Maybe because it sounds so vain
Maybe because it sounds so hopelessly sentimental

And sometimes you don't mind
Such a sentimental love song.

Although you might hate to admit.


I love you
I don’t wanna listen to this sad song just right now
I love you
This is the shelter we’ve reached
After being on the run for so long

For this love not being fully endorsed
We are like a pair of lost kittens
This room is like an empty box submerged in piles of fallen leaves
And you sound muffled like a baby kitten
Ooh ooh ooh

In the squeaky bed
With great tenderness
We hold each other so tight
And again we close our eyes, praying,
Please, don't let this sad song spoil our love.

And again we close our eyes, praying,
Don't let this sad song spoil our love...

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