Thursday, March 7, 2013

Xperia Acro S Review.

This is my first post from my new Xperia Acro S.
After wavering between physical keyboard and android phone for ages I finally decided on this phone.

I've long had this massive phobia towards touch-panel and always thought virtual keyboard was something I'd never get usee to.
However, I managed to overcome it.
I have to admit, touch-panel haw come a long way...

My first impression of my first smart phone was   
"big and heavy"
It must have been because I was so used to my extremely reliable, small but old Sony Ericsson Cedar.
Now after using it for a week, I don't think it's that big - indeed, I find the size just right in my tiny hands.
Well, I can definitely hold this phone in one hand.

One thing though, I've found rather disapponting is its short battery life. It was about 4pm today I realised that the battery was running low.
By that time I was using it for Internet surfing for 5 hours at least. So you could say this device maybe isn't ideal for a heavy Internet user or gamer.
But apart from that I haven't encountered any issues at all.
Internet browsing experience is so fast and smooth even when the battery is low.
The keyboard is comfortable to use with all the right word suggestions. Seriously I don't think we need any upgraded interface or processor. This is an amazing phone.

What's most amazing is its pre-installed Japanese keyboard, which is a must-have for me.
In landscape mode, roma-ji input is automatically activated while it's direct input mode in portrait mode.
Swapping between English and Japanese keyboard is super-easy by just flicking bottom left key.
However Xperia Japanese keyboard doesn't offer Swype input.
Default Xperia keyboard is even easier to use if you don't need the bilingual keyboard option.

GPS also works damn well. It quickly pinpoint where you are now, and track you wherever you go...

As for other features like waterproof and dust/shatter proof, are not that important to me. The price of the phone now is about the same as Samsung galaxy SII. The call quality and signal reception are exellent. For about AU$350-400, I think it definitely worths the price.

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