Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Should I or Should I Not?

I went to work yesterday despite feeling sick.
It affected my mood and performance, and I could tell that my boss wasn't happy.
That's what happens when I push myself and soldier on.
My brain doesn't work, I feel lethargic just moving around.
I should've gone home earlier, and yet I was feeling too guilty seeing the place looking so busy.
But what if I was causing more problems by being there?
I felt so disgusted, so disturbed about myself, not being myself,
Thinking of excuses, trying to blame on somebody else, which I normally don't.
Only thing that I was proud of my action yesterday was that,
I believe I didn't take it out on customers.

Today I feel feverish, sensing coughs coming,
Can feel that I'll be sick for a few days.
Should I go to work tomorrow, or should I not?
Should I call a sickie or soldier on?
My body's signalling me to take a rest.
I dithered on and on until I finally called to say I was too sick to go to work tomorrow.
I think I did the right thing.
I didn't say much.
I could've described my performance yesterday to justify my decision,
I didn't.

Sometimes you just have to do what the doctor ordered.

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