Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Good Luck Miss Smart.

Sometimes you feel that life's not fair to  you.
You would like to get somewhere, so you would do your best, study if you must and put up with unsatisfying situation.
You may feel as if people around you were so dumb, and yet they are more successful than you are, while you believe that you deserve way better than them.

I feel sorry for you, Miss. Smart.
You're not getting anywhere because there's something important that is missing in you.
Look at yourself, Miss. Smart,
Your frustration and misery are showing on your face.
You are putting yourself in a difficult position just by alienating yourself from everyone around you.
Don't be so angry, don't look so grumpy.

Look around yourself, Miss. Smart,
There is positive side to everything.
Maybe, if you start learning something from people whom you think are dumb, you'll eventually get somewhere.

Good luck.

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