Saturday, November 13, 2010

Visually unfriendly but environmentally friendly.

I'm usually rostered on Mondays and Thursdays, but I swapped the days to Wednesday and Friday this week due to the shortage of volunteers. (however we'll be getting more volunteers from next week onwards so it's for this week only.)

Fortunately my husband didn't have to work today either, so we decided to go to the Ceres community park in East Brunswick.

First I dropped off Lesel soaps at the op-shop as I promised to my supervisor and then headed to Merri Creek.
The water level was higher than usual thanks to the rain we had yesterday.

Obviously the walk path has been cemented and diverted since we were there last time, and the creek didn't have the bad rotten smell I remembered from a few months ago.

It was freezing with the top temperature of 13 degree, but when we were there the weather was perfect.

This place used to be our favorite destination for weekend walks.
With its tranquility and the nature and human-life so well-balanced (in the area so close to the city centre), we found the hidden gem in this place.

After a short walk, we had a break at the Ceres cafe.
We always have chai latte with soy milk. The price ($3) is reasonable considering the pot contains at least 2 cupful of chai latte. I also like the way it has the strong authentic chai flavour.

As usual I left him reading the newspaper at the table after finishing my cuppa and walked around the park for a while.

Ceres is indeed an organisation which promotes sustainable life-style and green energy.
They use organic matters to grow vegetables, recycle bikes and generates wind power, etc. More information can be found in their website (A click on 'Ceres' will take you to their website.)

What I will show you in the next few photos are the examples of their activities.

The battery operated car.

Visual discription of how to make compost. 
(The board was hung outside the compost toilet.)

Ahem...Let us create the sustainable community, shall we?

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