Saturday, November 13, 2010


Yesterday turned out to be a total nightmare.

When I turned up at work the shop was still very quiet and there was nothing much to do. There were enough volunteers to deal with such a bludge, and I thought I was foolod. 'If I had known that it was gonna be this quiet, I wouldn't have come.'

There were a couple of new volunteers in the morning, so I gave them a training apart from doing other small jobs.

It was in the afternoon the shop suddenly became crowded.
5 volunteers had already gone home by that time that all there were was me at the counter, one volunteer in the staff room and our boss.

So, our boss was right. It's no way enough to take care of all the customers, where prices need to be double-checked, many people asking for our boss while he's either on the phone or talking to another customer.

Such situation is both frustrating to us and our customers.

Honestly, I've never imagined that this job could be so challenging.
Sometimes I face this juxtaposition where I'd have to take control and improvise while I don't have any means of authority - it doesn't matter whether I'm getting paid or not. Because there are times when neither boss nor supervisor is present.
I've got so much to learn here. *sigh*

Since I started this regular volunteering, I've become more sympathetic to other shop assistants.

'Problem solving skills' is the next thing that I'd have to improve.

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