Saturday, November 13, 2010

Again, on the insulation debacle...私って最悪?

And dodgy tradesmen...(some of them are good, though)

Everyone around me say that they don't know any tradesmen who do a decent job.
This government at least tried to protect and support Australia's working class.
At the time of insulation installation debacle, too many companies and tradesmen scammed people and milked the system, which K-Rudd should have well known before the damage was done.

As we all know, they are all on their best behavior until they get the contract, and then as soon as they get the money they do a shoddy job - and how would the government or anyone know if all of them are to be trusted. Something like the insulation scheme simply doesn't work in this country.

Furthermore, passing the buck on the government for faulty insulation installation in hope of getting some compensation also won't work.
Too many of us are already scamming the loopholes and getting some form of financial support from the government, so that we can relax and bludge.
Shonky tradesmen are just a tip of an iceberg.

Monkey see, monkey we really want radical changes in the society?
I doubt that. Not many of us want changes unless they are somewhat beneficial to us financially.

A good government is the government that knows how to play the game with people of the country and please majority of us.

I said K-Rudd was a good PM, but probably not as good as Tony Blair of England or Junichiro Koizumi of Japan...

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