Saturday, November 13, 2010

Practicing is such a pain in the a*se.

I spent most of this afternoon practicing Lenny Kravitz songs on my recorder.

The reggae-ish song 'Eleutheria' contains top note D - and I have problem producing the D and D flat.
After trying to hit top 2 notes, I was completely utterly out of breath and started having problem even with C.

It's like with English, once I make one mistake I start anticipating the mistake again, which makes me even more nervous.
But sooner or later I'd have to shake off and overcome the fear.

Again and again, I reminded myself to feel the song, to play it from heart.
It always helps. Focusing on performing perfectly doesn't seem to work, rather, it makes the problem worse.
But still it is important to single out the part I have problem with and keep working on it until I get it right every time.
Unfortunately there's no short cut or easy way to achieve the goal.

That's what I didn't do with piano, and haven't done enough with English.
It's so damn hard to start from the scratch, though.
Articulating the thing I want to tell someone is sometimes really tough. For example I want to talk about computer and if the person isn't familiar with pc, how would I explain the same thing? I'd have to come up with some other way of explaining it.
Sometimes, the hardest thing is to use simple words properly.

Then my mind stops working and can't structure the simplest sentence...on the spot.
My weak points will be exposed. A few minutes later, I'd think that I could've said this and that.

Well, I guess I'd have to go through some more humiliation before I get better, wouldn't I?

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