Saturday, November 13, 2010


Hey darling, I know you'd know that the previous letter was meant for you.
I was trying to be super careful not to use 'you & I' term, because you said you sometimes read this blog.
And I'm worried that you might not like what I write here...

You're practicing Lenny Kravitz in the room next to this room.

My work friend was a BIG fan of Lenny the cutie. I was 22 back then.
I purchased one CD after another and then another - the first 3 albums.
I liked the sound, although I didn't think much of his guitar sound back then.
Now, 17 years later I still like it.
I lost the first Let Love Rule CD, but still had Mama Said and Are You Gonna Go My Way albums.

When we met 5 years and a half ago, I was still aloof and selfish, and a bit of a hardass.
I wasn't at all interested in Muso-type.
But you didn't strike me as a typical musician. You surprised me with your thoughtfulness, genuine kindness and certain depth and awareness. You were a real person. A nice person.

While I've never paid to ask you how you thought to find Lenny's CDs in my collection, I remember you telling me how you listened to his 'Are you gonna go my way' album all the time after you went through the break-up with one of your ex.

Now we've been practicing those songs together.
We've been practicing many other songs together.
I've began to appreciate your guitar sound.
As you know, I don't share the passion you have for the cars or the bands.
Sometimes I'm not even listening to you.
We have different interests and we respect our difference, don't we?

Sorry for being difficult at times.
Sometimes I feel unworthy of your affection.

Coming home from movie after midnight last night,
I was so happy to see your face.
You are so beautiful.

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