Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bulldogs won by 5 points!!!

Dogs played against Swans tonight. It was the very important game that determined whether they are through to preliminary finals or not.
Swans were 5th in the ladder and could be formidable sometimes. As a matter of fact, they defeated Dogs only three weeks ago and had been on a 5-match winning streak.

With many inexperienced players filling in for injured veteran players, Bulldogs on the other hand, won only one game in the last 4 matches.
You'd imagine how my hope for the win was very low, although I'd be lying if I say I didn't have tinge of expectation.

Since when I was in Japan supporting Nippon Ham Fighters, watching the games seemed to be a jinx to the team, and the same was also true with footy.

For the reason, I was so determined not to watch the game.
I knew it was a close game since my hubby kindly kept informing me a few times that the points were even again. But I ignored him and resisted even walking into the lounge, thinking; well, just wait until the game ends.

And they won. I was so pleased about not watching the game...what do you mean, you'd think. What I mean is, if I had've watched the game they would've lost.

The next game is against St. Kilda.
I'm not holding my breath over it, but...the miracle may happen, you'd never know...if I don't watch the game.

So I won't.

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