Saturday, November 13, 2010

Autumn in Melbourne and 鬼平犯科帳

It feels like winter but no. Not yet. Officially it's still Autumn in Australia.

Autumn, without the colours of...
Falling leaves of red and gold...

I really miss Autumn in Japan.
Not just Autumn but the colourful seasons of Japan,
Japan is the country where you'd love to visit any time of the year, and there's always this mesmerising beauty of the nature.

By the way, allow me to change the subject for a moment.
Does anyone watch Onihei-hankachou?
I just lurrrrve (love) that Jidaigeki series.
I love watching Seinfield, Southpark, NCIS, Simpsons and Flight of Concord, sure, but
NOTHING beats Onihei.

Onihei (Heizo Hasegawa) is my HERO, someone I wish to be like...
The way he punish the evil in the show is almost brutal, that's where the name came from. Oni(Monster) Heizo.
But he has another side which is very different to above - very sympathetic, non-judgemental persona, who sees people the way they are, not the way they appear to be or what they do. If he sees something good in bad guys, he always gives them the second chance (often as informers). The other persona is called Hotoke no Heizo (Saintly Heizo)
He is fair and his swordsmanship is amazing, but he's not perfect - that's what makes the show outstand many other Chanbara shows.

He enjoys food and drinks, cherishes friendships, adores and appreciates his wife in his often imperfect way.

My husband finds that exaggerated way of talking and facial expressions very funny...BOOH!
Sure, 中村吉衛門(the actor who plays the main character) is a Kabuki actor - that's why.

Anyway, let's go back to the seasons - that's the ending credit part you can watch on YouTube. It shows the beautiful Japanese seasons accompanied by the nostalgic music masterpiece by Jypsy Kings (Inspiration) Onihei Hankachou Ending Credit

Take a look, you'll enjoy it.
There was another version which used to be available for viewing before, which shows red Japanese maple's branches over the river. Unfortunately it was removed for some reason.

Melbourne's Autumn is grey and gloomy...well, I have to get used to it.
I can always drift off daydreaming of Japanese Autumn.

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