Saturday, November 13, 2010

This bloody digital set top box doesn't want to work!!!

I'm so pi**ed off about this new digital broadcasting thing.

I bought two digital set-top boxes, plugged into my conventional TV.
I managed to get the visual work - I see the picture clearly. However...there's no sound coming from the TV! Audio doesn't work!!!

Well. RCA socket IS definitely connected to TV Video-Audio input. I tried everything and still no luck.

Is this just because my TV isn't compatible with the set top box or what???
I plugged in the other one to my other TV, and the thing is...unfortunately my TV is so old that it doesn't have the right plug-in points!!!

According to the information given to us, we shouldn't have to buy a new TV to view digital channels - isn't that right?

Now...what do I do with it. *sigh*
Does anyone have any advice??? :..(

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