Saturday, November 13, 2010

I have a dream - there are days when I feel bad.

I posted the same article to my other blog previously, and I know it sounds harsh.
I was in a particularly bad mood when I wrote this posting.

Blog helps me to understand myself deeper, and I learn more, by reading blogs of other people - that's the aspect of blogs I like about.
There are many people with different insights who inspire and educate me, which reminds me how wrong I can be at times, and how shallow and ignorant I can be.
To me, the awareness is important. -


I have a dream,

Someday, every single person will be judged by their actions; but not by the colors, races, religions, sexuality or health conditions.

We will all walk around without the stigma of being misfits or subordinates.

I have a dream,

Someday, the greatness of human beings achieves the spiritual appreciation of all aspects of nature and other humans.

I have a dream,

One day, everyone will perceive that we are all just the tiny part of the vast universe.

No, this is a joke.

Human beings have the natural competitiveness.

The world will never be completely fair...

Many of us try to find something in us that is superior to someone next to us.

But, superior in what way?

I'm whiter than you?

I'm better looking than you?

I have better job than you?

I'm smarter than you?

The list goes on.

That way, people take pity on those who are 'supposedly' unfortunate.

Strangely enough, negativity competitions also exist.

So, who are the unhappiest, or the unluckiest?

This way, people take pity and thrive on their own misery.

Do I love telling people the story of my own miserable life? Oh, no…

Michael Jackson sings: Who's bad? Doong doong doon doong doon ….


So,...what are we really competing against?

Am I in the position to say anything bad about other human beings?

No, because I'm one of them.

I'm sort of trying to break the wall between epileptics and non-epileptics.

But is it possible?

There are zillions of 'walls' in this world that are yet to be broken, providing that's possible.

I guess that we are basically too lazy to learn or understand others,

especially if they have something that is completely foreign to us.

Many of us don't even attempt to learn about those 'hush-hush' issues.

Everyday we see someone picking on someone else somewhere.

The subject could be their 'weird' looks, behaviors, accents, or preferences or medical conditions.

It's so common and yet so devastating.

The guy's fuckin' weird...

... Oh, you mean, 'different'?

The victims often end up suffering from self-denial, and try so hard to fit in to the group.

Or they might choose to estrange themselves.

Why can't we embrace ourselves, instead of denying ourselves?

Why can't we escape from society programming and conditioning?

Bullies don't care - but you do care - if you, your loved ones or your friend are the victims, don't you?

Show your respect to others, at least, because that will make YOU the better person.

And which you will become proud of.

I am me. I am Japanese who suffer from epilepsy, and I have small amount of Japanese aborigine's blood running in my body.

I want to be the better person myself. I keep trying - with my fingers crossed

... and this is my dream.

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