Saturday, November 13, 2010

3 unforgetable days in Mt. Macedon

Last Friday was my 5th wedding anniversary with my husband, so we went for a little weekend holiday in Mt. Macedon to celebrate.

Where we stayed was a cabin sited in one of the most picturesque areas in the country town.

It took us a while before we eventually found the place ‘Braeside Bed and Breakfast’.

The time had already passed 4pm and the property was very quiet.
The leafy path was leading to what appeared to be a cottage and a café, surrounded by the breathtaking garden with full of colours and the thick, wide forest ahead.

The faint breeze whispered as it passed through the trees, and fallen leaves danced and made the subtle clattering sound on the ground.

We parked our Mighty Boy close to the main café and looked for the reception.
There was no visible sign of the reception or the office.
We just rang the bell by the door, entered the café and searched for the owner.

Soon Jim, the owner who served as an airplane pilot for over 30 years - entered the café and his wife Julie popped her head out of a room, found us by the front door and gave us the warm invitation.

They looked like a normal retired couple, who run this business partly for their own pleasure, which is to provide their guests with ultimate satisfaction.

There was something special about the place.
Something was amiss - the invisible wall normally exists between the hosts and the guests, that is what I thought was.
The vibe was so intimate and not at all business-like, which made us feel at home almost on the spot.

Apart from the main café were only one cottage and one cabin each.
Neither of them was flashy, yet they were exuding the warm, calming air that none of those inns and hotels seem to have.
The buildings were all timber inside and out, not quite like log houses, but similar.

Jim briefly showed us around the property as he guided us to the cabin.
Our cabin was a perfect little gem situated right by the open land sloping down from the bush ahead.

First thing we saw in the cabin was the inviting fire from the old fire place, and the old looking radio-cassette player and the furniture - all wooden, some of which looked like handmade. And, that, matched the atmosphere perfectly.

Here are some photos of the bathroom.

On the table was an entire loaf of homemade wholemeal bread.
The crust was crunchy and nutty, and the inside was soft and full of flavour.
We didn’t have to go anywhere else, since there was enough area to explore.

During the day we walked up the hill, indulged ourselves with the spell-binding view of the Macedon Range and the clean, fragrant air – and the tranquility.

What a peaceful place it was – we were awaken by the sound of cockatoos crying.

The misty garden with a bunny and a kangaroo made such an ethereal, intriguing picture.

In the afternoon, we mostly spent reading books which were abundant in the bookshelf by the bed.

The meal Julie cooked was another story. She is by far the best cook I’ve ever seen.

She prepared the food all by herself, and the texture of the food – not just the taste, was just exquisite.

Such is the place I would like to call Heaven.

Here’s the link to the site.
Braeside Bed and Breakfast

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