Saturday, November 13, 2010

The new member of the family!

Drooper. That's his new name.

He is a stuffed dog whom I rescued from getting chucked yesterday.

The op shop I work for receive so many stuff everyday and, most of those donated goods are too grubby or torn that they cannot be sold in the shop.

Most of those unfit for selling go to countries that suffer from poverty, but stuffed animals like him are usually destined to get thrown as rubbish.

He was the third one that I took home since I started working there 6 months ago.
People donate them probably because these soft toys get too old and damaged, but they just don't have the heart to throw away things they loved for so many years.

As I looked him closely I immediately noticed his distinctively adorable face, with those two eyes of his begging me to save him. (lol)

That was the time I decided to take him home with me. It was obvious that he needed a serious operation and a good washing.

So I did.

Today was a beautiful day.
It was a nice sunny winter day - cool and gentle.
I soaked him in a nappy san solution over-night.
He was a bit too big for the front loader I have, so I used the bathtub to wash him.
(It was such a cute sight!)

Once he was clean and dry,
I filled him up and stitched up where the rips were.

Then him, other old teddies and me all waited together for my hubby to come home.

Drooper. That's his new name, named by my hubby. Drooper, with his droopy ears.

Here are some photos of him after the operation. :)

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