Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Never Pretend to be Happy.

There are those times when you are under so much stress, and feel depressed.
Then someone might come up to you asking what's wrong, but you may not be ready to share your emotions yet.
You almost feel like telling them, "please, just leave me alone, OK?"

God, I don't believe that somewhere out there, is one person who has a perfect life, and always happy. 
People say, "Don't Be Sad,"
But we are only humans, we do feel sad at times.
And you know what, I think it's better to face your sadness than pretend as if everything is okay - because you know, deep down, that not everything is okay.
Come on, admit that you are unhappy, because you are.
- Gee, I'm so miserable.
That's right. Just admit it.
Then write down what exactly are making you feel so miserable.

Eventually you will work out your way to feeling happy again.

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