Saturday, April 16, 2011

A plea with a little hope.


That's how I have been feeling ever since the radiation leak from the Fukushima nuclear power plant started getting frequently talked about.

People in Japan had long been lied and deceived by the government and electricity companies as to how clean and safe the nuclear power is.
I myself were admittedly duped by the false legend that Japanese nuclear power plants are the best and the safest in the world.
Of course they weren't. Indeed as it turned out, we have the nuclear power plant rumored to be the most dangerous in the world right on the earth plate. Now people are really alarmed. There's an over-due massive earthquake being anticipated for years in the very area. Some engineers knew the risk but were made to shut up.

Finally, we are waking up. Anti-nuclear power activities are happening now on internet sites and in many places, and yet there are many who still believe that nuclear power is paramount for the stable supply of electricity, that so-called sustainable energy is inconsistent and unreliable.
And that is what we were conditioned to believe, and it proves how effective all the brain washing was, how gullible we had been.

Knocking down all nuclear power plants costs fortune and takes god knows how long.
But it's worth the money and time in the long run. Close it now before it's too late - demolishing is almost impossible, but we can at least shut them down and keep them under control, but it still requires sacrifice of human lives. - No, please no.

In 1991, I was working for an associated undertaking of a certain company who designed nuclear reactors that had an accident, a very serious accident, although at that time I believed it to be a minor problem.
I was young and ignorant, and was involved in re-checking of the technical drawing of the reactors, although I had no special knowledge.
Strangely, at that time, just double-checking what's on the paper didn't seem to me like a big deal and I still don't fully comprehend whether what I did was wrong.
I found out only yesterday that those two particular reactors escaped the worst case scenario by a matter of seconds. A tiny error could cause a fatal accident. That is how dangerous a nuclear power plant is.
The scariest thing is that humans make errors. Truth is even scarier than you would imagine, because it's not the designers and specialists who build the nuclear power plants. They are contractors and sub-contractors from the building industry.

I was shocked when I saw the YouTube clip that shows the hideous truth behind the wall of nuclear power plants, in which people told stories of their experience working in the nuclear power plants without having any idea how high the level of radiation they were exposed to. There must be many such people working in the nuclear power plants who are already contaminated directly, and for a long time, and died or developed severe illnesses over decades.

Truths have been covered up, the facts have been falsified and there might be many more people holding their mouth shut for the sake of keeping peace with the government and the employers.

God, if we don't shut down those nuclear power plants, it's not just people but the entire earth would have to suffer.
Do you think that I'm exaggerating it?
Is there really nothing we can do?
Now people outside Japan are scared to death of Japan, not just because of the aftershocks but for the fear of exposed to radiation.
Who can blame them? No one.

"Imagine the damage it costs to our life-style and our already fucked economy."
Some people might rebuke those who voice against nuclear power.
But the long-term damage it brings to our land, people and the economy must be even bigger.

I wonder if Japan's feudal society, the long-time trend of people in power holding too much control over all the important decisions are casting shadows on the anti-nuclear power activity. Many powerful people have the ego too huge to admit their mistake.

But isn't it the time now they've got to get their shit together, drop their troublesome ego and work together with their enemies to find the solution to this time-consuming, expensive problem?

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