Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 has begun.

What have I done since Christmas?
I caught up with my old friend. Worked until the New Year's Eve.
Oh, the NYE. I was by myself since Ian was working in the city.
Drinking more than half a bottle of sparkling wine by myself and watched the breathtaking fireworks shooting up into the sky from my backyard.
At least, Ian and I were watching the same fireworks in the different places.

For some reason, there was no festivity in the air once the new year came. All I did was hanging around in the bedroom and lounge most of the time or going for a walk in between.
There's "Cloud Street" by Tim Winton still open on the coffee table. This time it seems to take forever to finish reading.

There were a few plans destructed by some unexpected fuck-ups.
Already some good and bad things happened. More bad than good, so far.
Which means (I hope), there will be more good than bad for the rest of this year.

My holiday is over.
And I find myself looking forward to going back to work.

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