Saturday, December 25, 2010

Smiles in my heart.

Ian came back from Tasmania in the midnight.
The date already turned to 25th.

Being so happy to see each other again, we just sat down in the lounge, stayed up for a while and talked. About an hour later I fell into a peaceful slumber.

For the last few days, people everywhere were talking about their holiday plans and party plans. It sure is an exciting time of the year.

Well, I don’t have any such plans. But when I think about what happiness is, it comes to me that just having him is the best thing in my life and what makes me the happiest.

Ian also gave me the Christmas card and a pressie from my sister-in-law.
As usual I opened the Christmas card first, thinking, “Ok, another impersonal Christmas card.”
And then opened the present.

It was a musical box. She knew that I love my musical boxes.
But what made me feel so special was the message on the box.

It said:

A sister opens up her heart,
And spreads love
Far and wide.
Remember there’s
An Angel near,
Forever by your side.

Of course those words are not hers, but she searched something special for me, something so perfect, only for me.

Usually when we talk to each other, there is still some awkwardness that keeps us from talking in an intimate way. But we feel it, that there’s something warm between us, and that at the bottom of our heart, we want to open up to each other at a deeper level.
It just takes some time.
I took the message as her telling me that she knows it, although she doesn’t say that face to face.

Thank you.
 It is the best Christmas ever.

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