Saturday, November 13, 2010

Where did my mind come from?

Do you know where you come from?
- Yes, I do

Could you explain to me where exactly you came from?
- Yes? (Is this a riddle of some sort?)
Well, I came from Japan, came out of my mother's tummy - well you know how babies are made, so that's where I came from.

Well done. Now could you explain where your mind came from?
- ???

Hm, obviously it didn't come from my parents.
It didn't come from Mars, either (but who knows, it might have!!)
Possibly re-incarnated from somebody who lived long long time ago?

Did I have a mind when I was born at all?

Mind is something that forms slowly and develops as a person grows, and gradually wanes as we reach our old age.

We, in many ways are similar to our parents in the way we behave and judge things, whether we like it or not. It's quite natural because the first and biggest influence to our mind is our parents (and siblings).

We also invite influence from our extended family, friends, teachers, neighbours, culture, society......okay okay, that's enough.

By making some self-inquiring and judgments, you start to form your own character, right? Hm. - Have I answered the question yet?

- Maybe not.

Even if re-incarnation is a feasible theory, how could anyone explain the mind of the first human-being?
Don't you sometimes feel as if little kids were little aliens? - with their mind still free from outer influence and conditioning?

When I was a teenager, I used to wonder a lot - how I, could feel that I am me?
I know that it's a stupid thought, but it felt like the greatest mystery that my mind can clearly identify me while this certain science book that I was reading at that time said that human body is made of water, carbon, oxygen, nitrogen...and all other sorts of chemicals; it doesn't explain the connection between my body and my mind, does it?

Where are all the living creatures come from? They are all made of combination of molecules like we are, aren't they?

Well, there's genetic science, cell technology, etc. and there might be a time down the road where a cell can be created artificially.
Maybe the original living creatures were made in the similar way but naturally...

Does it occur to you sometimes that your idea prompt out of nowhere?
Is it possible that your mind entered your body rather than it already was (in it)?

Let's hypothetically say, my body is just a spiritual case for my mind, and my mind (or rather, a mind), chose my body as the case to dwell in...well, am I saying that the mind was floating somewhere before it entered my body?

Hmmm, that's an intriguing idea, but sounds too out there (crazy!).
And I couldn't form the clear answer to the question, either.

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