Saturday, November 13, 2010

What’s for Tea?

All I did today were going to work and buying some groceries from the market on my way home.

One of my fellow volunteers live right behind the near-by market, so her son gave me a lift to their home. From there it was only one minute walk to the market.
(Thanks mate.)

I spent about $25 at the market including one rainbow trout and some chevapi (skinless sausages).

One whole rainbow trout's price was about $6. I usually get it as it is, for it is cheaper to buy the whole fish than buying in slices or cutlets.

I know how to gut and cut up most fishes as I used to go fishing with my dad when I was a little girl and saw some local fishermen at the pier cleaning the fishes in a lightening speed (as if).

Fortunately the fish I bought was already pre-gutted so I didn’t have to do the messy, stinky job. Plus I need a proper gutting knife to clean fishes without too much mess.

Tonight’s main dish for tea (dinner) was the rainbow trout with grated ginger.

Usually I use garlic and rosemary, or parsley but I've been using those ingredients in too many dishes lately that I was kind of over garlic and rosemary. And I wasn't in the mood to have the same-old, same-old, after the long, tedious and non-eventful day such as today.

Well, time for a little smile!

The recipe was too simple:

I melted a little amount (a teaspoonful) of butter in the frying pan,
then placed two cutlets of rainbow trout,
poured one tablespoonful of the lemon juice per cutlet (It was squeesed last night and kept in the freezer)
and seasoned with salt and pepper.
Once the fish is properly cooked, I served one on each plate, and added some grated ginger on the top.

Very simple, but it was quite nice.
The taste was tangy, fresh and light, and it was also gentle on my stomach. (Garlic sometimes triggar acid reflux.)

Good news was that my hubby enjoyed it too.
It’s said that ginger enhances digestive system and could also be used as a relief for nausea.


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