Saturday, November 13, 2010

Are You 'Normal'?

There are people who say ‘That guy is weird.’

Well, what is ‘normal’ then?
What is NOT ‘normal’ then?
What is ‘weird (creep)’ then?

What do you mean by ‘weird’ then?

People with mental condition?
Someone with different musical, fashion or sexual preference?

Aren’t they (we) better than those who are just ‘normal’ with personality of a dial-tone?

Personally I think ‘Normal’ should come down to whether s/he has human emotions and affections (or not).
I don’t like my judgment on an individual being wavered by someone else’s opinion.
I don’t want to judge the person based on majority’s opinion.

But can I really say, ‘No, I think I rather like that guy. He’s quite funny.’?

Well, that IS the problem, isn’t it?
We tend to think, ‘I don’t wanna be regarded ‘weird’ by backing that guy.’
Doesn’t it happen often in group situations, such as at school, office and even among a group of friends?

Just because you think someone is weird and you want to avoid that particular guy,
Don’t push your idea onto me.
I’ll make my own judgment by talking to the guy one-to-one.

Do you think I’m weird?
Not just because I say such things but also because I’m epileptic?
I sometimes feel – so what?

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