Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tender thoughts.

My husband is playing classical guitar in the next room. I still hear some mistakes, but his performance is definitely getting better. I can see him playing it perfectly with all the feelings not far away in the future. I admire the way that once he sets his mind to something he never gives up until he achieves his goal. No matter how busy he maybe, he always finds some time and gets back to playing guitar.

His passion is all about guitar and car (and toy cars), apart from that, for example, he'd say he will get around to whatever that is and never does it. He forgets (conveniently)!

He's that sort of guy who looks after and sticks to what's important to him. Other things don't matter that much to him. So if I ask him to do something, I won't hold my breath waiting for him to finish it.

He's that sort of guy who knows what he wants and doesn't want.

That's why I believe that he will stick to me and look after me in his sweet ways.
Sometimes I pinch myself and make sure that this is not just a sweet dream.
I have my own weakness and faults, but I know I will ..., too.

Thank you.

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