Saturday, November 13, 2010

The special recyclable bag.

Since the area supervisor was due to drop into our shop today to give a presentation, we did some cleaning up before he came.
As soon as I got there in the morning, I cleaned the shelves and sorted re-usable bags that was cluttering around the corner of the working area at the back of the shop.

There were all sizes of bag piled up like junks lying on the floor, and tidying them up was not an easy task. I was going through that massive pile in frenzy when I found something that caught my attention.
On the bag it said 'Ansett Pioneer's coach/jet combo tours'. It was a small but very study bag, made of 100% cotton.

We usually use recyclable bags to put purchased items in when customers buy heavy stuff.
However some of them are really fashionable and almost too good to give away.

The bag was definitely one of the best-est (<-there's no such word on the dictionary). First thing I thought was; 'Oh my god, is it for real?' I couldn't believe that I found something so rare like this one, not under the pile of junk. Ansett is the airline company that went bankrupt in 2001, indeed, I came to Melbourne via Ansett domestic flight from Sydney earlier that year. To me it was something very special so I decided to buy it - but the supervisor said that I could just take it home for nothing because it was meant to be given away to the customer to begin with. So here's the bag - I don't know how old it would be, but just watching the picture of Ansett airplane takes me back to 2001... 

It's neat, isn't it?

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