Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Love Letter (ちょっとセンチメンタル)

When there's something that's troubling you, what would you do?
You could try with all your might to forget it and still can't get it out of your mind -
even if you're resilient and able to let it go and move on very quickly most of the time.

You need a patient and sympathetic ear to listen to you.
But if you don't have anyone to confide in, who would you talk to?

When your partner comes back from work, feeling completely worn out - you'd hold yourself from saying anything negative wouldn't you? And if s/he's running her/himself into the ground so deep to provide you, you'd feel selfish to wear her/him down with your whinges and further problems, wouldn't you? - but then you'd lose the chance to let off steam...

You're not made out of steel. You can be vulnerable and insecure deep down.
There might be flashbacks. Out of blue you may feel so helpless like a little child.
If you don't drop your guard and let love to reach you, you'd feel so alone and rootless.

Sometimes you should trust your partner and open up your mind no matter how hard it can be. You'd be surprised at how much it could help you and your loved one.


Keep your communication alive with your loved one, because that's the water the flower needs to grow and stay alive. You don't have to solve your partner's problem.
All you need is to listen.

You know s/he loves you.

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