Saturday, November 13, 2010

The New dvd/vcr recorder and digital TV channels.

Just a couple of days ago it was like winter already, so it's hard to believe that today was another hot day.

Early this afternoon, me and my husband went to an electric appliances shop to get a new dvd/vcr recorder.

Last year when I first heard about the analog TV signal going to be switched off soon, I was a bit pissed off.
I thought, 'Does it mean we'd have to spend money to buy a new TV?'

As it turned out, the answer was no. You don't have to buy a new TV.
All you need to receive the digital channels is buying a digital set-top box.
The cheapest starts from $39, which is standard definition one.
It's not that much. The only downside is that you won't get as many TV channels as with high definition set top box.
If you don't need that extra bit of channels, you should go for it.

Anyway, we decided to buy a new dvd/vcr recorder as our old one finally fucked up completely.
It hang in there for 2 years since it started playing up. It did well considering my hubby bought it secondhand like 10 years ago.

So, I did some google search for a decent dvd/vcr recorder with a reasonable price.
Then I found a LG dvd/vcr recorder for $329 in one of those online shops. The features were perfectly suited our needs.
For some reason, I decided to have a look at the product before making the decision.

God...I was so glad that I didn't buy it online impulsively.
At the shop, the shocking fact we found out was that the LG dvd/vcr recorder doesn't record digital channels.
'What??? What's the point of selling them then?' I thought.

So, what that means was that we would've needed a new dvd/vcr recorder even if it didn't break.

Right, so they're gonna switch off the analog signal whether you like it or not, and make you buy the pricey new dvd/vcr recorder plus digital set top box if the recorder doesn't come with internal digital tuning.

And you will buy them, because you don't have any other choice, or you'll have to decide not to watch TV full stop.

Coming home from the shop, my hubby started setting it up, and after half an hour he gave up and I had a go instead.
It was fairly tricky to set up. There were so many plug-in points (I'm not sure if that's the right word.) that I wasn't quite sure if we've got right cables and adaptors to make it work.

After mucking around with the connectors and cables, somehow I managed to get the digital tuning function to work.

Yes. I could see straight away that there are so many channel choices. (They are free.)
As a matter of fact, I watched a Japanese movie tonight that was starred by
柴咲コウ and I liked it.

However, I missed half of the program while trying to find other potential interesting programs to watch.
That's the problem. Now we have so many channels to choose from, and there's no TV guide for all those channels, it's endless searching for a show you wanna watch.

I have to admit that, there were not many channel choice with analog broadcasting, but it was simple because you could quickly find something you'd be interested in.
You know your favourite show and you know which channel and time it'd be on ... it'd soon become thing of the past.

I guess it would take fair while before I get used to it.

Choosing a channel is a hussle, all right, but the TV guide will be upgraded soon anyway, and I really enjoyed the channels I browsed through.

Meanwhile, I will enjoy fiddling with the remote control.
Great. :)

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