Saturday, November 13, 2010

16 April

After a few grim, overcast days the sun is finally back.
The temperature itself is not that high, but it fells hot after a last couple of freezing days.

This is the Melbourne weather.
I remember the day I came to Melbourne 9 years ago.
The sky was as grey as grey paint
and the rain was drizzling occasionally, which made me feel down.
And I wondered, is this what the London weather like?

Anyway, I've come to enjoy this weather, although there are times that the weather fluctuates so much that my body can't adjust.
Well, I have to accept it because this is part of the charm of Melbourne...:)

The weather today is perfect for doing the laundry.
I went to bed early this morning after switching on the washing machine.
The front loader washer seems to take forever to wash clothes, it could take over 2 hours.
Apart from this downside though, everything is washed so much more clean than the old top loader we had, and use less water than that.

The washing was done by the time I woke up and the weather, just as I had guessed, was perfect.
Yey! so I put the doona out, the secondhand one I got from the op-shop I work for, for my sister-in-law and boys who are coming over in few days. :)

I get all sorts of stuff from the shop, like fluffy toys and clothes, and this time, doona.
And they are all dusty and shabby-looking to start with.
That makes the transformation even more 'wow'.
Their fresh smell after good wash, with some little imperfections patched up always makes me happy.

There's this old teddy called Bruzo, now sitting on the chair in this PC room, waiting to be fixed.
He's like 30-odd years old, and his eyes came off - like god knows how long ago.

He's a special teddy from my husband's childhood.
His father died when he was a baby, in an industrial accident.

Teddies were his friends and maybe more, like family.
His mum was often sick and was at the hospital so he and his sister went over to their grandparents'.

His grandmother was good at needle work and craft.
Some of those old teddies are indeed, handmade by his grandmother.
Every time he and his sister got their teddies, they became their family.

Eventually teddies also became my family - although I was never interested in teddies or dolls before I married him. God, I love them now.

Yep, we are geeks who embrace our inner geek.

Oh. Gotta go to shops before it gets too late.

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