Saturday, November 13, 2010

...lost in planning.

I'm very disappointed with myself. This afternoon I was intending to do some reading (reading out loud). The process of checking pronunciation and intonation of words I'm not sure of could be daunting, but I should've done it.

There's a thing I want for this particular exercise. It's a new digital voice recorder with PC connection. My existing voice recorder doesn't have that feature so I can't transfer data into PC.
What's in my plan is to get my hubby to record his voice with common expressions and words so that I can practice with it later on in my own time.

I'm aware that my voice I hear as I speak and my recorded voice sound very different, and if I could get the better (voice) recorder, I can review the problems on the computer and list up problems to work on.

At the same time, there are a number of things on my to-do-list, and there are things that needs to be prioritised. Within the priority list, a few things need careful planning but there might be some unknown problems that could push other things out of the priority list.
I've been too wrapped in planning and organising that nothing's got done yet.

God, I've got to stop making excuses! All I have to do is to percevere with this practice 30 minutes every day (at least).

Unfortunately I'm not the kind of person who can follow plans, so I'd better stop wasting my time making plans and just do whatever needs to be done.
Can't I learn to discipline myself???

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