Sunday, November 14, 2010

It's not easy to transfer a blog. (ブログ移動するのって難しい。)

I spent the whole last night transferring my old blog entries from my FC2 blog.

Since Blogspot only import .xml files and FC2 blog backup service only supports .txt format, I thought I'd have to find some way to convert the txt file to.xml file format.

昨日 徹夜してFC2からブログを移動した。

I tried a few free .txt to .xml converters, but somehow couldn't figure out how they work. So I mucked around a bit more with the .txt file. Then I opened the "New Post" page on the Blogspot and saw the button that says "Edit HTML".


Eureka! 'The .txt file contents was full of HTML language, so if I cut and paste it on the "Edit HTML" field, it might converts into an article'. I thought.

Sure enough, when I clicked the "Compose" button locates next to it, I could see what a blog entry should look like.


It was time and energy consuming work. First of all, I had to copy the text to Microsoft Word, and then had to cut and paste each entry onto "New Post" page.

すごく時間もエネルギーも費やす作業だった。始めにワードにテキストをコピーして、それからひとつひとつ記事を「新しい記事を書く」 っていうページにペーストしていかなきゃなんなかった。

There could've been an easier, quicker way to the same result but, "Hoolay! I finally managed to transfer all the entries to Blogspot."


Indeed I tried to switch from my fc2 blog before, like 6 months ago, but didn't know how to import the articles.


After long hours of draining job, I sure felt the sense of achievement.


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