Saturday, November 13, 2010

Has Spring Already Come on Plenty Road?

Plenty Road, Kingsbury in Victoria is the most sun-drenched street around where I live.

Just about a week ago I saw the buds on the plum tree on the street. This arvo, however, I passed by the same spot hoping to take photos of the flower buds.

But surprise, surprise.

It was already in full bloom, not just that particular tree, but azaleas, peach blossoms were all competing their beauty in the dazzling sun.

No kidding, I was sweating in my lighter-than-usual clothing.

Just check out those photos I took today, see how evocative these are of a mid-spring day!
At a petrol station around the corner from my house.

It's a plum tree, isn't it?

Guess it's peach blossoms not cherry blossoms, or is it?

My auntie was growing them in the garden, heaps of them in different colours...


By the way, it's only 4 rounds left till the grand final.
Bulldogs will be playing against North Melbourne tomorrow night, while Cats against Swans...I really hope Cats will lose tonight's game.
St. Kilda lost last night's game, which is a good? news *grin*.
If Bulldogs wins, you know, there maybe a chance that they will play at the final against Magpies.
What do you reckon?

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