Sunday, November 14, 2010

Got ourselves a new phone!

I got a new speakerphone with an answering machine. ↓

Prior to that we were using this old speaker phone that somebody chucked out. It's grubby, I know.

Just in case if you think we're into scavenging, please take into account that it's not so uncommon in Melbourne for people to recycle something that neibours threw out on the street…although it’s illegal now that the chances we score free furniture or lounge suite will be less.

For 5 long years, this phone served its purpose and contributed to us saving a little bit of money, but recently it started having problems like, phone calls getting cut off, the voice isn’t clear enough, ADSL and phone-line somehow getting mixed up, etc, etc...

So there's no surprise that I'm so ecstatic that we’ve now got this new phone.
From now on, there's no more need to take calls from some marketing guy, sales guy, or someone who wants to conduct a survey.
And no more need to miss calls from friends who don’t have a mobile phone!

We still use some old stuff, but it’s also nice to add a bit of convenience in our life, isn't it?

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