Saturday, November 13, 2010

Embrace your inner child.

You're an adult now. Don't you feel ashamed for cuddling up to Teddies like that?

Oh, but - he's my favorite teddy, mum. He’s like no other teddies. He's special.
She clung even tighter to her teddy Kichiemon, which her dad gave her on her birthday.

Her mother chuckled as she looked at her daughter,
And she shook her head, with her eyes rolling.

The daughter was 17 years old.

If you're thinking that this is my childhood story, you're mistaken.
I was neither interested in Teddies nor had one.
I was the kind of girl who would scoff at such a sight.

I found my hubby’s old teddies in a cardboard box when we shifted into our first house in 2005, and I saw him looking so rapt to see them all. He called them via name, hugged them and played with them - It was a sight I’d never seen before but I found him cute. :D
So, he was indeed, the sort who adored and took some to his bed when he went to sleep.

Embrace your inner child, he often says.

It is therapeutic at times to be like a child, when I’m under a lot of stress.
I allow myself to cry, throw tantrums like a child when I’m upset and
Laugh like a child, when I feel better.
Then I know I’ll be okay.

I’ve come to love our cuddly toys.
Let’s face it. They are cute.
I cuddle them when I’m alone and need some warmth and comfort.
Some days, I fall sleep with my Drooper in my arms.

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