Saturday, November 13, 2010


Oh no!!! I failed to update this blog yesterday, which means I didn't achieve my target.

What happened was, I used up my monthly data limit of 2GB and the internet speed dropped right down after 9pm.
I topped up the data allowance but the speed didn't recover until this morning.

It's my third months into blogging, so the main culprit for the excess data usage must be my two blogsites, but I didn't realise that my blogs were eating up so much data.
(They are as greedy as the host (me!), and try to get more than they deserve. :()

I know there are cheap broadband services available. One of them (Optus) provides unlimited broadband every month with free local & national calls, etc for $99. ($79 with 7GB data limit)

But we don't even use up 7GB. The internet deal we have includes calls to local & national calls and calls to ANY mobile phones, while the forementioned plan include free calls to same-provider mobiles only.

Another problem. Even if I were secretly contemplating to switch to the different provider, I CAN'T until the end of the contract.
The cancellation fee is ridiculously expensive...hmmm

But what was consuming all the data allowance? It's not like I was uploading heaps of videoclips and images to the blogsites...

Then I realized. It's got to be the photos.

- I have a clue.
The size of photos I transfer from my digital camera is usually massive (1-2MB), and I couldn't change the size with the photo editing software I have.
Obviously the photo is not small enough for uploading onto the blogs. So?

Yeah, so I adopted the most draining procedure to resolve the problem. I picked up photos to use, then uploaded all the photos to my web photo album, resized and downloaded them, and then uploaded them again onto my two blog sites. (Please don't laugh at me!)

Then I found THE SAVIOR!
Only a week ago, I found this convenient little tool called 'photo resizing tool' on Windows website, which enabled me to change the size (pixel) of photos so easily.

All I have to do is to simply right-click on the photo, and select 'resize pictures' and specify the size.

Now, I have a good news and a bad news.
The good news is that it'll be easy for me to keep an eye on the data usage and manage my blogs within the data limit.
The bad news is that I don't have the excuse to miss my daily entry into this blog anymore.

Things are back to normal.

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