Saturday, November 13, 2010

Do You Know All the Latest Trends? (not without researching).

The continuous transformation of language never ceases to amaze me.

Just a few years ago, young generation was (over-)using the expression ‘That’s cool!’ to show their amazement. – Well, to be precise we still use the term, but it looks like there are a few additions to its meaning.
These days ‘cool’ can mean ‘fine’ or ‘alright’ (although it sounds rather apathetic to me), while the above mentioned ‘That’s cool’ has slowly starting to be taken over by a few different variations like – ‘Sick’, ‘Crazy’, ‘Wicked’ and ‘Mad’ or even ‘Insane!
– Is ‘cool’ not cool enough anymore?

I speculate maybe those expressions related to music culture. – Or is it obvious?

Young people here seem to like slightly rough-around-the-edge people.
You see on TV or magazines, many musicians’ erratic behaviors – probably due to their drug abuse, or drug-induced mental illnesses.

Then you see music video clips and TV dramas that almost glorify drug-use, and the way young people get trashed.

Here we go, another interesting example of ‘sick’ generation. You hear girls talking about some young chick musician looking so ‘trashed’ or ‘wasted’, and yet many girls try to imitate her look. (It sounds familier doesn't it - our generation did that too.)

You see so many ‘generic’ who-and-who at some hot retail shops or cool-looking streets. – hm, cool is indeed, still used... I suppose ‘sick’, ’mad’ are a bit too full on for something just fashionable but not so crazy?
Cool is maybe somewhere between ‘mad’ and ‘ritzy (posh)’.
So...’trashed’ look is actually in, is it…or has it come and gone already?

Remember in ‘Back to the Future’ Michel J Fox kept using the word ‘That’s HEAVY!’ and Doc said ‘Why are things so heavy in the future?’.
But things didn’t stay heavy too long, did it?

By the way, was ‘Heavy’ originated in ‘Heavy Metal’?

Trend is a fickle thing.

P.S. I found 'Fads and Trends' entry in the wikipedia very entertaining.
You may click on the letters in orange that will take you to the link.
You might also find it interesting ---> Bandwagon effect

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