Saturday, November 13, 2010

Dad's Old Camera!

Today is one of those grey winter days, which I used to hate.

Strangely, I don't mind it these days -
Because I can hear birds chirping in the garden and smell the rain-washed grass.

I noticed the sound of nature is kind of clearer when the air is fresh, like in the early morning of winter, like during the short break in the rain.
The high note of little birds' chirps, especially,
emanates into the space, into the sky.
You can even hear the wings flapping, followed by the subtle cry in the distance.

I don't have much to do today...I vaguely thought.
And I suddenly felt like taking a photo.

I'd been pending my taking photos for ages.
One of my favorite excuses was this;
It's always disrupted by many little things I have to do during the day or else by the weather.
If I couldn't come up with a good excuse, I simply blamed my mood not being in the right place.

I used to enjoy taking photos even on rainy days.
In those days I used to use my dad's 'olympus pen', which, is still sitting in the bookshelf next to this computer desk.

This compact camera was introduced in 1959. My dad's (now mine) is the second generation 'PEN-EE (model 3)' and he kept using it till I pinched it from him in 1990, and I stopped using it in 1999, when I bought another Olympus that came with higher zoom capacity.

It still looks immaculate - I thought to myself, and the idea hit me; maybe it works.

So I opened the back of the camera, installed the god-knows-how-old roll of film and pressed the shutter - guess what, it worked. Thanks to the simple structure.

I just took one photo of the backyard -
This is the first time it was used after being shelved in for 10 years.

How will the photos turn out when I develop the film...will the camera still bring the same ambiance to the photos?
- I ponder as I write.
Hmmm maybe not, as it may not have been the camera but the film I was using back then.
Those photos I took more than 10 years ago had the character different to what I took afterwards.

It doesn't matter.

I still can't get over the fact that the camera from 60s still works...however, I can feel the funny itch and anticipation in my stomach.
Now I'm waiting for my hubby to come home and tell him this little news.

With my old passion reignited, I'm anxious to try it outside when I go out this friday.

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