Saturday, November 13, 2010

Dance, Dance, Dance!

I saw on the advertisement channel late last night (this paid presentation is presented by the trusted guthy renker...)

Okay, what I was getting at was not about Guthy-Renker but about Zumba.

I was knitting a scarf for my hubby at that time, but stopped my hand a moment to check out the movements.
'It looks like a great fun.' I thought.
As a natural skeptic, I struggled to believe that those people lost something like 26kg just by doing, but wouldn't it be terrific if I could get the firm thigh and toned waist line?

Should I buy it? No.
Why not?
I don't wanna spend over a hundred dollar for just getting the instruction dvds.

Thing is, I've seen the basic movements already on the ad, and I love dancing to begin with. Then I remembered that I have the music CDs that cover all the latin music hits - why don't I try playing the CDs while I do houseworks?
Zumba is the system of toning the body by dancing on latin music. I should be able to do the same with those CDs, shouldn't I?

There was a story that I heard a long time ago, that a famous Japanese celebrity keeps her gorgeous body by dancing salsa or tango or something. So there must be some secret in latin dance that helps us burn our excess fat effectively.

After coming back from 'asian' grocery shopping, I started cooking with the latin music blasting in the other room.
It was indeed a real fun to swivel my body and shake my butt while cooking at the same time! (and I didn't drop anything. Pretty impressive, eh?)
The kitchen was actually quite cold, but I didn't feel it. It was as if my body was generating heat from within.

Yep, this is it. This is the perfect workout for me.
Since I was young I couldn't help myself from dancing as soon as music was on. My body would start moving with the click of the button, it was like that.

It's a bit embarrassing to imagine myself dancing by myself in the kitchen, but hey, no one's looking, so why shouldn't I have some fun?

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