Saturday, November 13, 2010


It's like winter has actually kicked in already, and the nightmare has started this morning.

This morning in my dream, I was experiencing the unbearable pain on my knees and started to scream. It was gone after a couple of minutes and then came back after another few minutes.

As it turned out later, it wasn't a dream - the pain was still there when I woke up.

Even when I was at work today my knees were agonizing me - ouch!

Then I remembered the old days, when I was in Japan my knees used to make the funny cracking noise when it was shivering cold - I would bend and straighten my knees few times and that would stop the feeling, knowing that would come back in a while...(Not a good feeling to know the season changing in that way).

The cycle of seasons seems to have changed lately.
Sommerly weather started a bit earlier last year as well. - It may or may not have anything to do with the climate change - some scientists seem to think that climate change is a natural phenomenon.

Talking of which, there was the movie came out last year featured the end of the world and extreme weather, all kinds of natural disasters happening prior to that.
That was so realistic and convincing that the concept seemed perfectly feasible.
"2012" - now I remembered the title of the film. That was a really compelling movie.

If the man-caused climate change were to lead us to the end of our species, hypothetically speaking, unless we do something now - do you really think it's possible to stop the accellaration of the change already taking place?

In order to slow down the climate change, we'd have to go back to the pre-civilization era, wouldn't we? Or to decrease the population? - No - I don't think we'd want to do that.

We are too used to today's convenience that we can't live without it - and we can't stop using energy sources - gas, electricity, etc and some means of transportation.
I'm not a very knowledgeable person so I can only assume things from what I can see - but is there anything that doesn't emit CO2? - maybe, but not many, I suppose.

With the population keeps growing, the demand for natural resources becomes too large that gives nature too little time to regenerate itself (another one of my clueless assumptions.)

Coming back from the aesthetic mountain side, I really hope that a bushfire won't hit that amazing forest.

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