Tuesday, February 22, 2011


The shrill sound of the bell penetrates my ear, followed by the businessmen’s rushing into the carriage, and too slowly, the doors close and the drowsy old train makes the dull, heavy shriek as the aged wheel finally moves. Then the silence falls.

- Almost two decades has passed since then.

I was in the second year of Junior High, and looking forward to the summer holiday. It was the day I finished the semester exam. End of exam was always a big event; my friend Nana and I went to the local creek streaming behind the elementary school we used to go to, while most of other students went to Tenjin area, or Hakata, two of the most exciting spots in Hukuoka city dotted with restaurants, cafes and bookshops.
It sure was tempting to eat Tonkotsu noodles at one of those la-men stands and taste the rich, sizzling pork based soup with thick and chewy, a bit yellowish noodles out of our small pocket money, but for me nothing was more precious and irresistible than spending time with Nana.

Nana - her brown hair soft and smooth, those big dark eyes that shine like fragile glass, the porcelain white face that illuminates in the sun and, that soft rosebud lips. Oh so pretty she was, and so perfect; she was my exact image of how a girl should look like.

We lay our skinny body side by side on the gravel bank of the creek, soaking bare feet in the cool water, feeling the sleekness runs over our skin. Crystal drops of light shimmer and sway on the surface of the water.
My eyes are fixed on her delicate face, flushed pink with heat and I teasingly twine and untwine her waist long hair with my index finger. Nana smiles and pinches my ear. The tingling sensation hits my body and I blush.
Nana’s hands are crossed under her egg-shaped head. Still trying to control my breath, I close my eyes as she talks about some hunky in her class.

– And what about you, Chisa-chan? Come on, who’s your favourite?
She suddenly asks.

- Who’s my favourite.

It's a common question, which now I ask myself with the uncertainty and uneasiness I never felt before.
Strange, the thought never came across my mind.
I dunno. Let’s just hope this moment to last forever.....

*** To Be Continued *** 

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