Saturday, November 13, 2010

Tonight's Footy

As with many Australians we watch Footie games on many weekends.
Although I’m not an enthusiastic fan of a particular team, I have my ‘sort of’ favorite team.

So tonight’s game is looking good for ‘my boys’ Western Bulldog.
Oh, there was the scene where one of the Bulldog players did an amazing ‘catch’ in front of a Bulldog and a Brisbane Lion players fighting over the ball.

'What a catch!' I uttered,
That was when my husband interrupted me.
‘That’s a mark, darl.’
‘What is?’
He explained to me that it’s not a ‘catch’ but is called a ‘mark’.
A mark is a fair, clean catch where a player catching the ball without dropping it on the ground or without anyone else touching the ball.
‘But isn’t it still a catch?’ I challenged my hubby.
To which he told me – Yes, but those who know or watch AFL football would roll their eyes incredulously if they catch me using the word.

As I started reading Footy rule, it slowly started making sense.
When a player catches a ball cleanly, the spot where he caught the ball is marked and the player is given a free kick from the marked spot.

I’ve never watched Footy with too much attention anyway, but learning terms would make watching more fun or at least help me avoid getting laughed at by other Footy fans. :D

There are too many things to remember, and it's too hard to keep up, but. As people say, the best way to learn something is to write it down and utilise it in your daily life.
With Footy terms? Well I guess...I'm gonna watch another game next week - by the way I've just come across with the update to the game.
The news is titled 'Bulldogs belt Lions'
Yee Pee! Bulldogs won!

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