Saturday, November 13, 2010

Learning from mistakes.

There is one thing I learned from the past couple of weeks' ordeal.

I should've taken charge of the project in order to get the result I wanted. - The principle I had forgotten.

Sometimes I can be damn lazy and expect others to satisfy my needs by blaming my medical condition for not giving me enough energy and motivation.

Also, what worked in Japan doesn't work here in Australia.
(Didn't I know that already?)
'Clients are our gods (treasure)' mentality isn't as strong here and our ultimate satisfaction may not necessarily be their business.

I should've realized that I sometimes have to believe my own judgement.
I was uncertain, because I didn't grow up in this country and I don't know how things work here. So after long time of wavering I decided not to handle the business directly.

But hey, you'd often get this gut feeling that tells you when something is not right, wouldn't you? - I did.
The mistake I made was that I didn't trust that instinct.

Maybe I didn't want to take the responsibility in case something goes wrong and if it does I can pass the buck to someone I have only myself to blame.

If I really want to survive in this country, I'd have to have guts to say things when I have to - I can't always be polite to people who try to scam or take advantage on disadvantaged people.

The challenge is - how to play the game. How to be assertive. Someone said to me,
'Well, practice love, practice - and you'll get better at it.'

2 years ago I missed the opportunity of getting a job by losing my cool after getting incessantly intimidated by a person at work (I had a casual position there).

I learned my lesson. You lose your cool, you lose your game.
I've been taking a baby step everyday since then and,
yeah, I think I'm at least better than I was back then.

Practice, practice makes perfect.

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