Saturday, November 13, 2010

Farmers' Market

One of the main attractions in Melbourne is markets. There are different kinds, such as craft market, local grocery market and farmers' market.

I love all sorts of markets but my favourite is farmers' market.
If you are a food lover and prepared to spend a bit more to get something more tasty and fresh, Farmer's Market is the place to go.

Now that we live a little farther away from the city, it's harder to go to any of those markets mentioned above. Actually we hadn't been to any farmer's market for close to 10 months. And that was the only thing I had been missing since shifting into my current residence.

Well, I said - HAD BEEN.

Did I find another one? Yes indeed!

A mere 5-minute drive from my house is a local park called Bundoora Park, and farmers' market is held there on the 1st saturday every month.
Being a big fan of farmers' market, the new discovery elated me so much that I had been planning to check it out since 2 months ago when I first found out about it.

This morning, we got up earlier than usual (7.30am) but by the time we left our house it was already 10am.
As soon as we arrived, we noticed the absence of buskers, which is one of the common characteristics of farmers' markets.

It was a simple, more locally oriented market.
This side of the city is closer to the nature and the air is a lot fresher. Plus there's no parking fee or admission fee.

Like other markets we've been to, there were heaps of free food available for tasting, which means you'd get full by the time you've gone through half those stalls.
- We'd better skip our brekkie next time we go there.

This time we managed to keep the spending under $100 (around $70) - much less than usual. One downside of those markets is that everything tastes so beautiful that you tend to spend more than what you initially intended.
If your budget is limited, you'd have to decide what you get before you go.

Having said that, it was hard to fight with the temptation to buy more.
This time, we bought some goat cheese, cheese with peppercorn, sausages, nuts, a jar of jam, spinach and feta pesto (the best!) and had coffee and sweets while we were there.
And we already know what we want next time - things we missed out on today because we were too late. Some products sell out so quickly that you'd have to be there really early to get them. This farmers' market opens at 8am.

Here're some photos of the place. Not bad hey?

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