Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bye bye K-Rudd... :..( I miss you.

So everyone in Australia should know the new prime minister by now...
The first female prime minister of Australia, Julia Gillard.

There had been a rumour, and we sort of knew that this was going to happen.
After the roof insulation debacle and the on-going backlash against the mining tax, Kevin Rudd's political future was pretty much doomed to end.

Personaly I believe Kevin did his best as a prime minister (by the book maybe).
He might not have been flexible enough. He might have been...too square for Australia.
I didn't think the insulation scheme was a bad idea. It could've worked out right.
The fact that 4 people died while installing the insulation pad seemed rediculous. Those houses were close to the electric wire, and they were using alminum sheet? Are you kidding me, hello?
Who would think that a professional insulation company would make such a - mistake?
I think it was a bit too harsh of people to have accused Rudd government for that disaster. (Sorry...I'm saying that only because I had a soft spot for him)

Even the introduction of mining tax sounds reasonable enough.
No one can satisfy everyone - but to acknowledge the fact that mining industry is the backbone of Australian economy, which they know well and have been using it as their ultimate advantage, the timing, maybe, was a bit premature. - also to consider that the miners pay might be cut down. (However it is the owners who would be charged the tax...isn't it?)

Julia Gillard said she will open the door for negotiation with the mining industry, so Gillard administration might tweak the plan a little.

Still, I feel sad to see K-Rudd go...he was a good prime minister.
Although, having said that, Julia Gillard is refreshing.
I would rather see her remain as a prime minister than Tony Abbott.

She looks serious enough to represent Australia.


Tony 'smiley' Abbott

Tony 'macho' Abbott

But he's sort of cute, isn't he?

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